Your Mission is to Find Your Purpose

“What road do I take?”
“Well, where are you going?”
“I don’t know”
“Then it doesn’t matter. If you dont know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
Alice in Wonderland ☆

So, you have endured the most devastating dark nights of the soul, you have been stripped of everything that have held you back from being your true self and living the best possible version of your life. You have seen the light, YOUR LIGHT. What comes next?

Where do I go?

What is my purpose?

What is the reason for my entire existence?

Why am I here?

Everything in your life serves a purpose, even the dark ages you endured while trying to find your true self. The key is to use these tools, that is, all you have learned through the process and create the life you have been fearful of living before. There is a meaningful purpose for your existence and it’s your job to find it. The mission of your life is to find your purpose and live it.

Many people struggle with embodying their purpose into their lives after having an awakening of some sort. Suddenly their lives seem to be changing directions from what they have previously known. Do not resist these changes taking place. The transformation is in place to allow you not only to think differently but also to live differently. There are many ways to live your life but the hope is to live in a way that is the most meaningful and fulfilling. Only you know what your purpose is and how it will create meaning in your life and that of others.

It is a gift to know that after you have left this plane of existence you have absolutely no regrets and you have done all you came to do and possibly more. You have left the world a whole lot better just by you being here and making your presence, your entire existence felt by others and have made an empowering difference. Your purpose is so whole, so complete and expansive that it is not something that you can contain and keep solely to yourself. Your unique expression has to be allowed to flow out into the life of others and touch them too. There is something that YOU are and you have that the world needs. Whatever you chosen modality is, find it and express it.

Find your purpose

Your purpose is to embrace what you do best. Think back to the one thing or several things you do that make your heart sing. The things you do that puts that zing into your life. It makes you feel empowered and it boost every area of your life. It may be something you loved doing as a child, writing, painting, any creative art. It may even be helping others. Whatever it is, find it and make it your mission to live it.

Connect With Others

Connect with the people that can help you to bring your dreams to life. There is always someone there that is already in the field of your greatest dream. Find the person(s) who help to inspire you to be you. The people who are able to help you to steer your life in the direction you wish for it to go. Share information(your light) with them, share ideas and learn as much as you can. Do your own research into your field of choice and broaden your knowledge.

For every version of your life that you wish to fulfil, there exist someone who have done something similar or is doing so. Find ways to network and broaden your horizon. They will be able to help you to push your dreams to fruition. Help is always at hand. Reach out to people in your interested field and put your purpose into action.

Work At It

Its now time to put in the necessary action to bring it into your reality. Take the steps necessary to ground it into your world. Make it a point to practice your art everyday. Write for an hour every day, paint every time you feel inspired. Reach out to people in your community to speak to them and support them. Do whatever it takes to keep your ideas, gift or talent present in your world. The more you do it, the more adept you become at doing it.

The whole point of it all is to make sure it is brought into your world and it stays there. At some stage you will look back at your starting point and realise how far you have come and the growth you have made. Take the first small step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow into your greatness. You might not get it right the first or even the second time but you will, eventually and you will appreciate the fact that you never gave up. Which leads me to my next point.

Failure Is Not A Reason To Quit

As with anything new in your life, you will not immediately know all the know-hows. You will make mistakes, you will face moments of indecision, frustrations and confusion. You will face choices that you have to deal with. No matter how many times you get knocked back, refuse to quit. Even when you don’t feel like going, keep the momentum up. Make all you do a commitment to you. Make it your commitment to bring your joy and light into the world. Make it a commitment to work on you, to be the person you always envision yourself to be. Let go of the jobs, relationships and situations that is taking your time and energy.

Use the power you have and invest in the areas that fuel your spark instead. Whatever you lose will come around again in a better format. But here’s a question for you – Who says you can’t make money and get joy, peace of mind and happiness from living your purpose? Here’s something you probably already know, it starts by you doing all that is necessary to create your own success. Success means different things to different people but to be fair success is simply about having a favourable outcome in whatever field you choose. Your creative energy needs an outlet. Find it and set your light free.

You Are Worth It

There’s something we can both agree on and it is, you didn’t do all that inner work just to let it be. You didn’t go through all that just to lie back and do nothing about it. You now have knowledge of yourself and your life but it means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. You are worth every breath that you take. With every breath you are breathing life into something, into an element of all there is. Why not let every thought, word, deed and action be utilised in creating the best version of your life in every moment?

Why not let it be a representation of the divine power working through you? Why not create the life you want to keep living, rather than the one you do not? Breathe life into the most greatest, grandest version of yourself as you embody the divine and be the most divine reflection of that. The Creative Power wishes to be expressed through you so create a clear, open space and allow the great work to come alive. Let go of unnecessary baggage, you are a divine instrument for positive change. You are worthy.

Let Fear Motivate You

Fear is something that can limit you as far as you allow it to. It can prevent you from moving forward in the direction you wish to go. Fear is the energy that leads you to repeating old cycles and can impact your evolutionary growth. But how can you use fear to your benefit? Everyone loves the sense of achievement they get from overcoming fear. We all feel more stronger and empowered when we have conquered any area of our life that we were fearful of venturing into.

Feel the fear but do it any way. Go for it. Prove to yourself that even as a human that may fear change, the new or the unknown, that you were able to face fear and do it anyway. Let that motivate you to climb every mountain in your life and reach the top. The craziest part is you can prove to yourself daily that you can overcome every obstacle and face every fear by doing a small task that pushes you out of playing small.

Dream Big, Live Even Bigger

When you envision what the greatest, grandest version of yourself would be like, try to rule out the possibility that it cannot happen based on your current life circumstances. Imagine it anyway, adjust and keep adding as you go along. As your mindset towards yourself changes, so will your idea of who you can be. Adjust accordingly. You are the person you will be spending your entire life and existence with so make it your priority to be the best YOU that you can be. Your only competition is yourself. Strive to be a better person than you were yesterday, this morning or even a moment ago. You are your biggest investment so invest in constantly improving and updating your system.

Be your own biggest cheerleader. Clap your damn self when you have done something great, celebrate yourself when you have accomplished a task or goal you have set for yourself. Pamper yourself, indulge in taking care of yourself. Make every day a day that you enjoy living. Be grateful. Be humble. Keep striving. The light you were seeking to light up the world is you. Acknowledge how remarkable you are, light up everyone else’s world just as much as you do yours.

You Are The Light And The Dark

The darkest parts of your life allowed you to see things in one way. The greatest times allowed you to see life in another. Neither is able to dictate who you are. You are all that and more. You are a living reflection of both the parts and the whole. Let every aspect of you shine forth and be a beacon. It us through living through the most hellish moments of your life that you were able to have a story to share. It is through overcoming it that you were able to lead the way and show others that even the most difficult situations can be turned around. As a part neither can define who you are but as a whole package you are able to offer so much more.

You are love and you came here to love. In every possible way. You have done messy love, crazy love, broken love, whole love, small doses of love, big open heart love, so many different elements and the craziest part is you are still here to tell your story. And the best part is now that you have loved and embraced both dark and light aspects of yourself, you are now able to use it as a powerhouse to create your world and make it a better place for you and everyone else to live.

Being On A Mission

How does the Divine express itself? Through you. It is that simple. You are able to take the formless, nameless, unseen powers of the divine and be an expression of that. In a tangible form that you can see, feel and interact with. You are the embodiment of that. You are that divine tool. It is through you and what you are and do that others are able to see the magnitude of what All That There Is entails. Look around you at all that make up your world and see the things that was all created from a creative spark or thought from someone else.

Every material thing that your senses can perceive was created from someone synching with their creativity and fulfilling their purpose. This was done so you may be able to enjoy the pleasures of life and to have access to all you need to create your life experiences. This may be in the form of a car you use to get around, the clothes you are currently wearing, the song that means something to you, the video that changed your life, I could go on and on but you get what I’m saying. That is how the Divine works. Everyone have the power to create something to support another, that will make a difference in the world of another.

The joy is to see that everything that everyone is doing serves a purpose for someone else even if that’s not for you personally. What you do is your gift to the world and you honouring the divine within. You too have this gift and it is your divine responsibility to use it. That’s your mission, your purpose. To create something, a world that others will benefit from. This not only improves your own quality of life but that of others too. Your service to others.

Purposefully step out onto the path to accomplish your mission.
Believe in yourself ♡

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