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Your world is constantly changing and becoming so fast, it appears instantaneous. You do not even see the changes that are occurring; and you think it’s the same world that was there a second before, but it is not. It is a completely new reality that has instantaneously appeared; but you have created it to look just like the old one; And so nothing has changed in your world, even though your whole world has in fact changed. But, you have created the same old dysfunctional one all over again, and again, and again. When we say your world is changing, we mean that literally. That, it is becoming a completely new world, right before your very eyes, and this is happening instantaneously in every fraction of one of your seconds of time.

There is a completely new world appearing as quickly as that. And, the world that appears instantaneously right before your very eyes, is your world. Your very own personal world. This world is yours because it is created through you, and, you alone. It does not belong to anyone else. It cannot be anyone else’s world because it streams through you. It is your world that you see with your eyes; hear with your ears; touch with your hands and feet; taste with your tongue; smell with your nose and feel through your solar plexus. Many of you already know your world streams through you; and that you channel your world, and then project it out. So, why does it keep looking the same, if it has changed to a completely new reality?

Because of the layers upon layers of filter structures that you have in place, that creates all of the distortions that you then see in your reality world; the filter structures being all of the judgements you hold about others or yourself, whether you feel they are justified or not, all of the blame you hold, all of the guilt you carry, all of the shame you bear, all of the ideas of lack you hold, when you say, I am not good enough, I do not deserve to have wealth and abundance in my life; all of the judgements of money; that money makes people greedy and nasty; all of your control issues, all ideas of power over others, all ideas you are better than another or more than, all ideas of good and bad and many more.

These are the filter structures you have been patterned into, and these are the structures that create the fractals upon fractals of the pure information that is being channeled to you, in the form of Light that is always received by you in its purest form, as the pure light of truth. It is your filter structures that fractalized the images that you, and, you alone project outward, and then receive back as your reality. Once the information has been fractalized, it is like looking into a mirror that has been shattered into thousands of pieces; the image will have become very distorted and will look completely different to the true image that was received; and may even become unrecognizable.

The information you receive is in the form of pure Light energy. It carries within it the coding for everything you have ever wanted, and is being continuously updated with your new preferences. It carries within it your preferred health situation; your preferred wealth situation; your preferred relationship situation; your preferred home situation; everything that is important to you is channeled to you; through you, in the form of Light energy. It is this light energy that instantaneously transforms into what you humans call matter, or material things and events; this being all of the things you see in your material reality, nature; the weather; your body; your home; your bank balance; the relationships you are in; the events that occur in your life, all of it. Your scientists and physicists have for decades known that energy exists both in the form of a particle and as a wave. Energy has the capacity to exist in both of these forms instantaneously.

Energy in its wave form represents a unified field of pure potential. In its particle state, it becomes what you call material; what you have called into being; an object; an event; good health; money; food, housing and so on. Energy is continually and instantaneously transforming from one state to the other and back again. Your scientists and physicists have also shown that the human consciousness has a direct effect on energy that causes it to transform from its wave state to its particle state and back again. You must now know that you are the one who is affecting the light energies that are being continuously channeled to you, and, that is instantaneously being downloaded from the field of pure potential, and transformed into the material reality that you see, touch, smell, hear, taste and feel. No one else is doing that for you, because the light information that flows through you is your personal flow from your soul, in response to what your life has summoned; and your soul is responding to. Your soul responds to all of your needs instantaneously, no questions asked.

There is no judgement from your soul’s perspective. Your soul loves every thing that you are; every event that you experience, no matter what your view of the event was, your soul is right there with you, experiencing it too, but without any judgement. It loves everything that you are. Everything that you desire to explore; it says, yes to, and provides you with the light energies to turn your dreams and desires into reality. To transform it from the energy wave form into the particle, matter form. Your soul knows everything is in perfect order, and that everything is just an experience, and that no harm is ever done to anyone or anything, because you are just playing with energy; just exploring the reality to gain wisdom from the experiences that come.

This is a game based on illusion that you have been playing for eons of time. You know the game well, and are thus, masters of illusion. What do you think your virtual reality games were modelled upon? It is just a perception of harm; a role play, because of the roles you are playing based on an idea called duality. Many of you know and understand this very well, and are waking up to the true reality of your worlds. So, if your reality worlds are not showing you your hearts desire, it is because there are filter structures in place, that are distorting the pure light of truth, that is being received by you, and is continuously being channeled to you. So that the picture that comes out the other side of you, is so distorted, it looks completely different from what your soul has channeled to you, and what you have been asking for, and wanting. Your filter structures have been formed because, you have been playing here in a dualistic system, where the game is based on ideas of opposites; like victims and perpetrators, good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, strong and weak, the betrayer and the betrayed. This is the nature of this reality you have been playing in. Do not go into judgement against yourselves, thinking that you’ve done something wrong, for you have not. You’ve just been playing the game as it has been structured, that’s all.

This dimension is one of the infinite number of playgrounds that exist for the soul to explore and to gain wisdom. All of these roles that you have played, and are playing, exist for your exploration and curiosity. And, believe us when we say, you have all played many, many, many differing roles, so that you could have a full understanding of all things. And, you could only have done so, from the position of an entirely new perspective; and so you played, role after role, from an alternative perspective, so that you could experience it all, to gain the wisdom from that unique experience. How else would you have known what it feels like to play the role of victim, if you were only ever the perpetrator? And, just because you are playing the role of the victim in this lifetime, do not for one moment believe you have not also played the opposite role as well.

For you see, at this stage in your soul’s evolution dear ones, you have played all of the roles this dimensional realm has had to offer – you have done it all, absolutely, and this is why this global awakening is taking place in this lifetime, because you have now chosen to raise your consciousness individually and collectively, and you are now taking your worlds to new and expanded heights in consciousness, never before known to humanity. You are truly the pioneers of this new consciousness. Therefore, as both the receiver of Light information, and the one that affects the structure of the light, to transform it into material reality; make it your intention now, to release all of the filters that you have in place, that have been distorting your pure light.

For, this is the time for transformation. Let them all go, for they belong to the old game, and therefore, cannot be brought into the new realities that are unfolding . And, then allow all things that comes into your world, to just be, without judgement or finding fault; without blaming others for the way things are, or the way things could have been; without feeling guilty for the things you have done, or not done; And, when you start to view the events that are unfolding in your world, the way your soul views it; then you will begin to see your world transform, right before your eyes instantaneously; and you will say, wow! things have changed; for you will be projecting the pure unfiltered light of truth, and reshaping your world.

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