Channeling is an Ocean of Infinite Knowedge and Possibilty

“Channeling is an ocean of infinite knowledge and possibility.”

Channeling is like fishing. Anything that can exist does exist and when you put out your reciever (or pole) you can pick up information from anywhere. Including parallel realities & higher and lower timelines.

When fishing in vast oceans of the universe there are many levels and multidimensional expressions of those levels.

There is one truth that seems to remain constant though. Your essentially dipping in the sea of knowledge that is closest to your vibrational truth.

So say you are fishing through a school of knowledge in the upper waters closest to the light. You are vibrating high enough to touch it, so you have the ability to gain and access more knowledge of the higher realms because you vibrate closer to this realms truth.

Same goes for darkness. Your reciever can can pick up information from very dark and very fearful parallel realities. There are entities out there that do feed on fear.

So it is important that we make heed when sharing certain channeled information because the fear created from the lower waters so to speak can cause our quality of conciousness to lower.

Not only that but those have been privy to the channeling can lean towards manifesting these lower denser timelines in this one simply by accepting that as their truth.

For example when someone decides to watch CNN (and other denser news services and programming). The information may not be true in this version of subjective reality.

But the information does exist and the events are existing at some level and degree in another realm. You pull yourself closer to these realms everytime you listen and believe in the truth being manufactured for you.

“A good rule of thumb is if it makes you feel uncomfortable it is not in allignment with your souls truth.”

It works both ways.

“The more you accept the higher truths of the higher vibrational realms you pull us all towards the best the brightest and the most sovereign inducing future we could experience.”

How to channel right.

Anytime before you channel set the intention and check your mood and thoughts, clear your energy field and the energy of those around you. Let the universe know that you would like to receive information from the higher waters or realms.

In using channeling as a means to predict a probable future. (Tread lightly on this folks)

It does not mean this information is ultimately what were going to experience in this given version of us. It also does not make it a deception either.

If you ever have a doubt or question about any information given to you turn inwards and ask your higher self if it’s in alignment with your truth. I often ask myself three times and I am able to get a straight answer based on my intuition.

If it is not in allignment with my truth I thank the honored source for the information they have shared with me and I let it go. Clearing my field by making a mantra out of it. Again setting my intentions out to the universe.

Because we are the creators of this reality. Once all parts of the one understand what that truly means and how easy it is to bring the most ideal probable future as co creators by setting our intentions we realize we have the sovereign power to do anything we want.

“Because we are God in human form.”

Often times people get into debates about channeling. Whose information is more accurate etc.

When you start to look at it all information channeled is accurate to some degree and in some form to that particular channeler at the time the information is channeled.

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