God can Stop Crying Now – Ascend Towards the Light

https://youtu.be/lIwbdze1fBU This is the final song in the Ascend Towards the Light Music, Hope you enjoy it. I wrote the music but then found this one really difficult to get the words right. On this collection of songs they will only be True, if the Lyrics are Downloaded from Above, but they just didn’t sing Read more

Drifting into the Light

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqwwDWU2oo8 All the Music on this channel is here to assist people on their Ascension Journeys. Especially those people who do not yet realise that they are actually on one. This track is just about where we are and where we are going on our Journey. It emphasises the Assistance and Guidance we are also Read more

Human Beings, Being Human

https://youtu.be/z8NiGbl007o This is a track from “Ascend towards the Light”. An Album of songs that I have been guided to put into the public domain. The aim being to assist those on their Ascension Journeys who may need some guidance and direction. All of these songs are written and performed by me, however the lyrics Read more

Funk the Beat Nick

https://youtu.be/-1jJ0DaRvac Second song published in my “Ascend Towards the Light” Album. As before, I have written and performed the music and can only say that I sang the lyrics on the fly and was guided from above. Thus ensuring that I get only what is given me and not what I see as the best Read more

Can’t You See It (Groovers Groove)

https://youtu.be/i9eCqRmV50I Read more

This is Our Time

https://youtu.be/D4rsUPSIk_c This is Our Time This is actually the first song I did in the Ascension Songs series but has only just been posted. It is about the time we are in and the work that is taking place in our Ascension Journeys. Again it is about the lyrics that are given me, although the Read more

Going Home 432Hz

https://youtu.be/6-HCCGbiXlA Read more