Pot, At Least Certain Forms of It, Is for Pets Too

Stitch was stressed. Not just a little, which is kind of typical for him, depending on the circumstance, but a lot. My Pekingese boy is, like most dogs, a creature of habit. He likes – no, he adores – his routines. But in January, his routines took a big hit. That’s when we brought the Aussie puppy Read more

Everything you Need to Know about Colloidal Silver

Not long ago, colloidal silver was commonly used in a variety of applications. From treating illnesses to healing wounds, colloidal silver was seen as an all-purpose remedy — at least in the days before the advent of antibiotics (and the rest of the toxic pharmaceutical industry). In spite of this rich history of healing, organizations Read more

C60: What Is It? And How Can It Benefit You?

C60 (Carbon 60) is the newest health sensation in the natural health and longevity worlds. So what is C60? It is simply a special geometrical arrangement of 60 carbon atoms into a single molecule that looks like a soccer ball, made up of inter-locking pentagonal and hexagonal structures. C60 molecules are also called fullerenes or Read more