Environmental vs Natural Behavior

https://youtu.be/lFR1N-3mldQ Our behavior changes based on our environment as well as when we’ve gone through different experiences. However, the core of who we are at birth (personality) remains consistent in spite of environment or experiences; our core is merely strengthened if we choose objectivity over subjectivity to them. DISC has the ability to show you Read more

3 Experiences/Messages From Nature Walks

I have felt it is important to share some of my experiences from nature walks and how I received the messages. I’ve felt guided to consistently give examples and remind you and others that the universe is constantly speaking to us. The experiences I’m sharing here may help you open up and raise your awareness Read more

My ten year old posed a question to me recently that left me scratching my head, searching for an answer to give him. He asked me how is it possible for anyone to be here, alive, in this this life not knowing why they are here or what they are meant to do. He asked Read more

The Stigma Behind Cursing

On occasion, you may come across people who “hate” cursing. They say it’s vulgar and demeaning, which in fact can be true, however, they are seeing only the negative in the situation. They are blinding themselves to the positive aspect. They believe that a curse word, no matter how it’s used, is negative, which is Read more

My Dark Time Story From 7 Years Ago

                                               The Heartbroken Woman Once there was a young adult female who was in love with a young man and thought that she had all she would ever want and that things couldn’t Read more

Life Lessons from My Perspective

The harder the lessons of life the better you understand their worth and then you can cherish what you have and be happy. Don’t give up, keep on pushing through each and every obstacle you come to. The outcome you receive may or may not be what you want or expect, but it is always Read more

  As I continue to reflect on myself the more I realize that the possible reasons why I was so miserable was because I wasn’t truly happy with myself and I had one relationship that totally ruined me for the relationships afterwards because I allowed it to control me and gave up instead of saying Read more

A Little Note…

Just wanted to leave a note of appreciation and let you ALL know that I LOVE YOU and have faith you are ALL appreciated just as you are (“,)<3 Such a wonderful stage created by this amazing lady called Dawn who finally unknowingly decided to take a leap of faith to join in partner-ship with Read more

Today, Inspired by a Feeling

Today birds are chirping, the sun is shining but there is a cloud of despair and emptiness floating around.  To any who may feel this way please know that even I don’t know you I wish nothing bet the best for you.  Remember you are important, you are cared for, you are unique, and most Read more