Zeta Grey Reticulli – WHAT? Abductions

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Draconian, Draco Souls, Negative vs Positive

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Ghosts & Spirits That Have Not Yet Crossed Over

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The Watchers

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Attacks on the Divine Feminine Have Increased!

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A Different Game Entirely

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Ashtar Sheran, Dark Messages to Lightworkers

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The Dark Forces Important Message

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Underground Bases And Cloning Centers

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Queen Elizabeth Admits She is Not Human!

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4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen a Ghost

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6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

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https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2018/09/25/8701050588208647308/1024x576_MP4_8701050588208647308.mp4 A group of 30 students reportedly suffered ‘hysteria’ after playing with a Ouija board at a boarding school in Peru. The daughter of a teacher brought a book of black magic and the board to the school in San Jose de Saramuro in the Loreto region, according to local media. She allegedly encouraged fellow Read more

  https://youtu.be/ftwcwDAnw_I Cat – one of the most magical animals on earth. The aura of the cat is so big, that includes not only the individual, but also his family, home, and territory that the cat is committed to. Therefore, we must understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it’s not only that Read more

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Entities, Negative Energies and Implants

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