Protection Spells with Crystals Simplified  

If you’ve been an ardent crystal user, you already know about psychic protection. However, today we are going to learn about something totally different- protection spells. From what they are to protection spells with crystals in a simplified language, we have added systematic steps to help you. Are you ready to build a cocoon of Read more

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What Mineral Is Best For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Justin Osborne Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder Across most of the world, people know about the concept of birthstones. The modern list assigns a birthstone to each month of the Roman calendar. A lot of people believe that it is lucky for them to wear the gemstone that corresponds with their birth month. But there’s Read more

Topaz Birthstone: Complete Guide with How to Wear

Did you know Topaz is the birthstone of November and December? When we say topaz, we mean blue topaz here. This beautiful gemstone is one of the most searched zodiac gemstones online and offline. It has been for ages, in fact. If you’re looking at topaz birthstone, we can tell you all about it in Read more

Garnet Vs Ruby: Differences in Powers and Meanings

Two beautiful stones that define a different shade of red, garnet vs ruby has been a hot debate for ages. Is the red of ruby better than the red of garnet? Is ruby better for passion than garnet? Can garnet drive the kundalini energy? Is garnet softer than ruby? We know you have a million Read more

Bumblebee Jasper Meanings, Uses and Properties

Did you know bumblebee jasper contains no jasper? No kidding! Unlike jasper, which is a chalcedony, bumblebee jasper is a limestone family mineral. Before I tell you all the secrets of Bumblebee Jasper meanings, let me tell you the technical side of this wonderful stone. What Is Bumblebee Jasper? A gorgeous yellow black stone chemically Read more

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Attributes and Uses

As sweet as its name, Honey Calcite is a stone of mystery and enchanting powers. One of the historic folklore about honey calcite says when you use the stone as a crystal pendulum oscillating over a pregnant belly, you can hear the cries of the baby and the gender too. It was one of the Read more

Baryte Healing Properties and Powers

A stone that is often known as a mineral than a healing crystal, Baryte or Barite has many healing powers. It can be called heavy spar and blanc fixe too. In fact, the International Mineralogical Association adopted Barite at first and then changed to Baryte again. Considered the best crystal for high-frequency vibrations, Baryte healing Read more

Polychrome Jasper Meanings and Metaphysical Attributes Explained

One of the recently discovered jasper varieties, Polychrome Jasper meanings are strength, vitality and support. The stone was found when miners were looking for ocean jasper strands in Madagascar. A unique stone with cleansing and rejuvenating capabilities, polychrome jasper works on your psyche and physical body. It is a powerful stone that takes time to Read more

Brecciated Jasper Properties, Uses and Metaphysical Powers

Known as the stone of recovery, Brecciated Jasper gives you power and strength. The beautiful type of jasper sharpens the clarity. Stone of detox and rejuvenation, Brecciated Jasper works wonders on the lower chakras. It is the best natural cure for depression and karmic debts. If you’re fascinated by Brecciated Jasper properties, you need to Read more

Rhyolite Geology, Meanings, Uses and Powers

Some people incorrectly call it the rainforest jasper even when there is no jasper in the stone! The stone of joy and love, rhyolite is an ordinary-looking stone with extraordinary powers. You can use it to awaken your hidden potential to spiritual consciousness. The dull-looking rhyolite is available in plenty that it is used as Read more

Hypersthene Crystal Properties and Meanings

A powerful stone that aids in visions and voices of the spirit, Hypersthene is also called velvet Labradorite. It is a beautiful stone often mistaken with Labradorite for its identical origin. Hypersthene crystal properties include higher powers. It can help you relax and rejuvenate yourself in life. The stone helps to regain your vitality and Read more

Bayberry Candle Magic with Crystals for Prosperity

Since the earliest American Settlers, Bayberries are a harbinger of the winter season. Although winter brings famine and diseases, Bayberry candle magic attracts opulence and extravagance. That’s why today we are going to devote this section to the powers and uses of bayberry candles so that you can welcome winter with both hands because blessings Read more

Arfvedsonite Uses and Meanings Simplified for Home Use

Often mistaken as Nuumite or Astrophyllite, Arfvedsonite is a unique stone of positivity. It clears the bad energy from your life and replaces it with joy and positivity. Filling you with cheery ideas is the Arfvedsonite use once you connect with it. Do you know Arfvedsonite has iridescence? Perhaps you know all about its chakra powers and Read more

Unlock The Tiger Iron Properties, Uses and Powers Now

A powerful gemstone to help you find deep connections with Earth, Tiger Iron is a unique stone found only in two places around the world. It bears the powers of the Earth element or Mother Gaia. When you hold this stone, you can feel the tiger iron properties flowing through you. If this is the Read more

Botswana Agate: Healing Properties with Meanings and Powers

Do you know peach agate? It’s another name for Botswana Agate. A powerful stone for mental and physical detox, Agate Botswana heals brain disorders too. What is the meaning of Botswana Agate? Is it good for all ages? From the advantages of using Botswana agate to cleaning it and using it, we have listed the Read more

Blue Tigers Eye Properties, Uses and Meanings

The stone of abundance and focus, blue tiger eye is a psychic protection stone that alleviates your fears and relaxes you. You can attract peace and empathy with this healing crystal. If you want to know all about blue tiger’s eye properties, you can go through this post for the next 5 minutes to find Read more

Green calcite Properties, Powers, Meanings and Uses Explained

The stone for healing and divine love, green calcite helps in transforming your life with positivity. It is a rare stone for helping a wide range of illnesses like joint pain, arthritis, fears, cold-heartedness and communication with spirit animal. If you love calcites, green calcite is going to blow your mind. Learn all about the Read more

Zebra Jasper Properties with Meanings and Uses

Do you know zebra jasper is called the destiny stone? It is often called zebra marble and zebra agate for its peculiar and unique pattern. One look at the stone and you will know if it is a zebra jasper. It is a power gemstone with many healing uses. Zebra jasper properties with its meanings Read more

by Conscious Reminder While we in the Northern Hemisphere are getting charged up for Fall, the folks down South are all ready to welcome Spring. The Equinox last month brought the change of seasons and now it’s our turn to make the most of it. Equinoxes are times of transformation, not just in  Nature. Old Read more

Hematite Jewelry: Powers, Uses, How to Wear and Clean

One of the most popular gemstone bracelets is hematite bracelets. It is best for bodily pains, focus, memory, positivity and strength. If you love hematite, today is your lucky day. We are going to talk about hematite jewelry powers, meanings, uses and healing properties in detail so that you can use it to the best Read more

Black Jade Uses Explained with Ways to Use it at Home

While jade is prominently seen in a soft green color, there is a variety of jade called black jade that occurs naturally. It is a powerful psychic protection stone that repels evil eye and energy attacks. When you know black jade uses, you can conquer any challenge and attain your destiny. It is the stone Read more

Water is Alive & Magical, The Proof, Amazing Gizmo

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I’d like to compile a list of crystals you use at home and tell us what they do for you. Crystals hold information about the history of our planet. You can program them to help you with your energy needs. Use Selenite wands to clear your crystals before re-programming. Put your suggestions down in the Read more

Crystals for the Home

Tumbled Carnelian Crystals for the home can add vibrancy to an area, protection to another, and invite in wealth, peace, and even nature. These crystals can be large or small, but it is the intentional placement of the crystal which can improve the energy of your home.  The Entrance Cultures around the world have different Read more

Hematite Bracelet Meanings, Properties and Powers Defined

A lovely metallic color that is incomparable with other precious gemstones, hematite is a semi-precious stone filled with metaphysical powers. It can guide your way and fill your life with optimism. Wearing hematite bracelet will help you repel psychic attacks too. Everything about hematite bracelet meanings and powers described in detail today … What Is Read more

Try Out These 5 Crystals To Make The Most Of Fall 2019

Shifting of the seasons always has a magical element to it. And this drastic change from humid Summer days to the foggy Autumn is all the more enchanting. As we get excited for the holidays, be it Halloween or the year-end festivities, we can always amplify the blessings of Autumn with some crystals. Here are Read more

Black Moonstone Benefits, Properties and Meanings

Have you seen black moonstone spheres? A peculiar and rare gemstone of nonpareil qualities, black moonstone benefits are physical, spiritual and emotional. It is often confused with other gemstones for its optical illusions. Black moonstone is the stone of the new moon challenges. It helps you calm your tides of worry, tension, and frustration to Read more

Prasiolite or Green Quartz Meanings and Properties

Do you know most of the green quartz in the world is Heat Treated Amethyst? If you thought HTA only made fake citrine, you are wrong. That’s why green quartz is often called as green amethyst too. Not all amethyst can be treated to make green amethyst or prasiolite. Wanna know what green quartz can Read more

Blue Quartz Meaning and Powers Unraveled with Uses

Do you know blue quartz is believed to tone the creativity of musicians? It can restore vision in elderly people and fill the wearer’s life with happiness. The stone of great wisdom and charisma, blue quartz is a transparent crystal that is sometimes translucent with a sodalite-like blue on it. Unique and enchanting, blue quartz Read more

Amethyst Geode Benefits and Powers Revealed for You

The cave of supernatural powers, Amethyst Geode was once believed to be the cup of God’s elixir. Made from the beauty of nymphet amethyst and the wine spilled from the hands of God of wine, amethyst is a purple crystal with beauty beyond perception. It is filled with powers to clear your mind and spirit Read more

4 Amazingly Powerful Crystals for This Fall Season

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems. Incredible how time flies! The seasons have changed once again. In some parts of the world, the September Equinox signals the beginning of Fall, while in other parts of the world, Spring has arrived. The Read more

Larimar Meanings, Healing Properties, Metaphysical Powers

Do you know Larimar is also called Stefilia’s Stone? Larimar is one of the unique gemstones rarely found in any place other than the Dominican Republic. The rare stone was discovered in 1974 but it has a long history. Larimar is powerful for healing, accelerating the work of medicines and much more. The myth and Read more

Blue Goldstone Properties, Meanings and Uses

Is there gold in goldstone? No. it is named after the sparkles created within the stone. Actually, goldstone is not a stone, but glass. Blue goldstone is like the night sky full of stars. They are unique and powerful. Just because they are manmade does not mean goldstone in blue is not metaphysically gifted. Let’s Read more

by Conscious Reminder Although it has often been mistaken as a gemstone, any amber stone is simply fossilized resin. The oldest one is said to be formed over 300 million years ago, so imagine the power it might have at its bestowal! Ironically, the ‘younger’ amber stones also are just a hundred thousand years old Read more

Charoite Meanings: How to Work With Charoite

A weakly fluorescent gemstone that looks like an amethyst caught in a cosmic whirlwind, Charoite is a stunning gemstone. It is a beautiful stone that is named after a River. Charoite stimulates the body and mind as it is a stone that awakens the Crown Chakra and Heart chakra primarily, giving you enlightenment and love Read more

Larvikite Properties, Powers, Benefits and Meanings Explained

Larvikite crystal is a beautiful collection of high energy vibrations. It is pristine and purifying. Larvikite properties are astounding because it raises the spirit of the user. It has many powers that can relax you and heal you from inside. Today we will discover the Larvikite magic through history and Larvikite jewelry so that you Read more

Why Rainbow Topaz is Lucky?

Short answer- YES! Rainbow topaz is a lucky stone, it invites good fortune and prosperity on its way into your life. Wearing or touching rainbow topaz melts your challenges away. Rainbow topaz is lucky and charming at the same time. Why? We’re going to find out just that today.   What Is Natural Mystic Rainbow Topaz Read more

3 Crystals for Clearing Your Energy

by Adrienne Goff Read more

Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Metaphysical Powers and Unique Abilities

Do you know strawberry quartz is a talismanic stone? It can protect you from dangers and pain or mistakes. Holding the strawberry quartz in your left hand will fill your heart with love. It is a sacred stone of joy that emanates happiness and exhilaration in your life. Being an aura cleansing stone, it can Read more

How to Take Care of Rainbow Topaz Ring?

If you’re wondering how much is the topaz skin on rainbow six siege including tax and what does the topaz the camo look like in rainbow 6, you’ve come to the right place. While both of the aforementioned are about games, we are going to talk about how to take care rainbow topaz ring and Read more

Kambaba Jasper Meaning, Powers and Metaphysical Uses

Besides twisting the tongue, a tad bit. Kambaba Jasper is one of the precious collector’s stone among crystal lovers. It is the jasper of blessings, good fortune and connectivity. Is Kambaba Jasper the most powerful jasper? What makes it best for bones, teeth and nails? Can you explain why I feel serene when I touch Read more

Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them?

by Earth Child Read more

What is Rainbow Topaz? Meanings, Formation and Powers

A beautiful manmade stone created by working on a natural gemstone called topaz, rainbow topaz is a gorgeous stone. It shows a rainbow iridescence that makes the wearer look charming and charismatic. Rainbow mystic topaz is a powerful stone that is considered ideal for luck and harmony too. Today we will learn all about the Read more

Selenite Lamp Benefits, Uses, Meanings And Powers

The all-new Himalayan Salt Lamp is the Selenite Lamp now. It is powerful, beautiful and above all a crystal with magnificent powers. Selenite lamp information is simplified so that you can apply this at your home smoothly. It is cleansing, recharging and calming at the same time. Do you know selenite inhabits the powers of Read more

Shattuckite Properties, Powers, Meanings and Metaphysics

A little known crystal that looks like blue ice cream, Shattuckite is one of the new minerals discovered roughly hundred years ago. It is a high energy crystal that frees you from emotional conflicts and confusions. You can use it to broaden your mind and talents. It will take you to your destiny and much Read more

Metaphysical Properties and Meanings of Kunzite Jewelry

Mistaken with hiddenite or Morganite, kunzite is a unique gemstone in the sweetest color tone. Considered the power stone for those searching love, Kunzite jewelry is abundantly available as it is naturally present in large rocks. The special stone heals your emotional scars and spreads love in your relationships. Wearing or touching kunzite can bring Read more

Scolecite Meaning, Powers and Metaphysical Properties

Do you know what happens when you subject scolecite to a blowtorch flame? It curls and wriggles just like a worm. Perhaps that’s the reason for its name. Before you find the etymology of scolecite, you need to know it is a stone that improves your communication skills. It is one of the unique high Read more

Mystic Topaz Jewelry, Origin, Costs And Uses

If you’ve been suddenly smitten by mystic topaz jewelry, it’s not just you. This beautiful and iridescent topaz variety is trending since it was discovered 20 years ago. Now is mystic topaz same as rainbow topaz? What’s the price of a good quality mystic topaz stone? How long does a mystic topaz last? We have Read more

4 Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms Read more

Essence and Magic of Sweetgrass with Crystals

One of the peculiar Native American scent, Sweet Grass is a unique flavour to explore. If you’re an aromatherapy junkie, Sweetgrass is going to blow your mind! The essence of Sweetgrass fragrance oil is epic. It soothes you and relaxes you. Sweetgrass essential oil substitute is tough because it is a unique scent. Let us Read more

5 Cosmic Crystals for Starseeds Read more

Your Steps in How to Clean a Mercury Mystic Topaz

What is the mystery behind mercury mystic topaz? Is it the same as mercury mist topaz? Perhaps you’re wondering if there is mercury in mercury topaz made with titanium vapors. Why is it called like that? What is its meaning? Is it a powerful stone? Where can I buy mercury mist topaz online? Hold your Read more

Accessing Crystals from Ancient Civilizations & ETs

August 31, 2019 via Daniel Scranton Read more

How the Powerful Black Tourmaline Brings Spiritual Healing to You

Black Tourmaline has been often referred to as a magical supportive stone. It helps to purify you from within and cleanse your body from anxiety and negative self-worth. If you wish to overcome any feeling of substance abuse or feel less suicidal, then Black Tourmaline will help you. It helps to prevent any build-up of Read more

August 26, 2019 by Carol Weakland Read more

Energy of Stones and Crystals

The healing powers of the crystals of therapy are due by the vibrational energy in them. Everything in nature has vibration, and the right crystal can rebalance our energy. Meline Lafont will help you choose the most suitable stones for you and give you insights on how they work. How To Choose The Best Crystal Read more

The Labradorite Stone – My Research

The labradorite or spectrolite is a mineral of the group of silicates, subgroup tectosilicatos and within them belongs to the feldspars called plagioclase. It is an aluminosilicate of sodium and calcium. The synonym for spectrolite refers to the spectral iridescence that is typical of this mineral. Labradorite Stone It is an intermediate member of the Read more

Why backflow Incense is the Best Incense?

Let’s talk aromatherapy today. Stick incense is based on the method of incense making from thousands of years ago. On the other hand, backflow incense is the scientific incense burner that makes magical shapes with the smoke. We say backflow incense is the best because we have decades of experience cleaning the ash of the Read more

How Chakra Wand Opens Multiple Chakras at Once

Do you know there are a wide variety of crystal shapes in the world? From crystal pyramid to heart shaped crystals, cabochons, tumbled stones, dowsing pendants and chakra wands, the options are plenty. If you’re a crystal lover like me, you will find chakra crystal wands easy to use and effective to work with. In Read more

These Birthstones Based on your Zodiac are Powerful

Whether you were born in summer or winter, you have a birthstone that can remedy all the bad things happening in your life. Birthstones based on your Zodiac Signs give you power, stability, luck, strength and wisdom. It’s based on sacred astrology passed down from generations to generations before the age of civilization. Today we Read more

Properties and Meanings of Crystal Clusters

I’ve been seeing crystal cluster tattoo everywhere nowadays. Are you a fan of clusters too? They are magnificent right. That’s why today we are going to talk all about crystal clusters in detail. Let’s start right away! What Is A Crystal Cluster? Source A crystal cluster meaning is togetherness. It is a collection of multiple Read more

Crystal Beings, Beings Inside of a Crystal

June 25, 2019 by Laura Keller Read more

Crystal Healing with the Lemurians

June 20, 2019 by Jean Power Read more

Summer is here! But this summer does not mean good news for everyone. For those who have been living under a rock, Mercury is in control of our communication and technology. So, when it goes to retrograde, it starts affecting all these sectors of our lives. Mercury retrogrades are common – going 3-4 times every Read more

by Conscious Reminder The Chinese New Year or the Year of the Pig has already started. Here, we will present you the auspicious crystals which are meant for this year: Pig birthstone: Ruby (fire) – the keywords which are associated with the warm and energizing stone Ruby are wealth, love, joy, power, and sexual energy. The Read more

Explaining the Power of Crystals to Skeptics Read more

9 Very Powerful Protection Crystals

You can feel the powers of the minerals of the Earth right when you take one crystal, or you put it next to your body. That’s why crystals are considered the Earth’s treasures. They are stones full of energy which you can use. Each stone, gemstone, or crystal is rated according to its shape, hardness Read more

January Birthstones

January is a month associated with new beginnings, New Year, new life, and resolutions. It has been constant in one gemstone for the birthstone for millennia, Garnet. Still, there are others that have been used in the past and that have been used in specific areas of the world as birthstones. Here are January birthstones Read more

4 Crystals for Empaths and Sensitive Souls Read more

Edgar Cayce, The Powers of the Lapis Lazuli Stone Read more Read more

What Your Birthstone Means, According to Science Birthstones and their vivid colors have long been a way to connect your birth month with rare and unique gemstones. They are a meaningful gift for mom, a friend, spouse, or family member during a special occasion. But they mean much more than that as you’ll find out below. A Gemstone popularly associated Read more