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The next seven days are going to be full of cosmic activity – we are having The Full Moon in Capricorn along with a partial Eclipse. You can say that this is a half-blood Thunder Moon Eclipse. It will bring the crazy in your world, no doubt. During this Full Moon, you might want to Read more

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July Aries Lunar Eclipse

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July Solar Eclpise ~ Karma

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Eclipses and New Galactic Year

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July Eclipse, Huge Shift, Flip of the Scripts

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Capricorn Cancer Eclipses, Divine Prep for 2020

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The Lunar eclipse of the full moon occurs on 21st January, 2019 and falls at 0 degrees Leo. It can be easily seen from Northeast Europe and South and North America. Prepare to make your bonds stronger with your family and ancestral history. You will feel the undivided love for your nation growing within you. The Read more

2018 is leaving us. In 2018, many planets had moved into earth signs.  You are more grounded than before, more secure and strong in the place you are. The grounding elements of the Earth energy does not cease in 2018 – it continues in 2019 too. So, if you missed any of this grounding magic Read more

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8 8 Lions Gate and Eclipse Finale

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The Full Moon for July will take place on Friday, July 27th at 4:20pm Eastern. July’s Full Moon has a few extra cosmic elements woven into it and we as a collective are all feeling its glorious effects. Full Moons are always a time when we experience a blast of lunar and solar energy that Read more

The month of July is in news all over the world for being an astronomical and astrological marvel. The eclipses that would take place this month, along with the presence of the Blood Moon on 27th July, would be the highlights of several new columns, and several new pages on the net. People are clamoring to Read more

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The Longest Eclipse Of The Century

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The Seven Symptoms of Every Solar Eclipse

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