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Robyn wow that keeps you busy lol never bored
Higher Self so much work - I woke up with a stiff neck and I'm getting vericose veins behind one knee from crossing my legs for hours and not moving around
Robyn there are incredible writers in here. I really enjoy reading all these percpectives <3
Higher Self I love all the contributors in here. This will be a goldmine of information once I get it all cleaned up
Robyn ooh stagnation is catching up to you. you need a balance of movement and stillness. a comprimise with the mind and body smile
Higher Self When I was getting paid by YouTube, I had peace of mind and would go play in the garden
Higher Self Now I have been forced to build this site quickly to make an alternate income
Higher Self No time to f**k around haha!
Higher Self My own website won't let me cuss LOL
Robyn silly
Robyn as long as you are still enjoying the main purpose to bring us all together is what truely matters. I know money is important and can feel like the be all end all. You however are one of a kind and I love you dearly <3
Higher Self awe, I love you too
Robyn You are at the front of everything that matters. This Goldmine will find its bridging essence very soon.
Higher Self all in divine time, I know it
Robyn Chat image
AARON HOLMES A high point of view.
Anonymous10287 Zoom?
Hermit I'm new here onto this amazing website-community. I'm wondering if there's anyone who uses the zoom chat?
Hermit I would love to interact with you some of you. See where y'all at and hopefully help each other out on our path to ascension.
Michael Higheriam Zoom yes, 7:30 pst.
Michael Higheriam 491-710-8685
Anonymous10472 hello
Anonymous10472 Hello
Joooeyg HI I'm new here I was wondering if someone could help me with something
ShadowBoxer Now you’ve got me wondering is someone could help you with something.
Robyn its a crazy sunday. may be stuck helping ourselves lol
Robyn Hope all is well with a new birth week underway <3


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